Max Payne Headed To Mobile

Written by Nick Deuel

Max Payne 3 is headed to store shelves in 2012. To build hype for the upcoming game developer Rockstar has been building the anticipation by answering some users email questions on the company’s blog. While such a direct access to such a top tier developer is always exciting today brought about some especially exciting news. In response to a question regarding the future mobile releases Rockstar confirmed that Max Payne would be their next title headed to portable devices. As a follow up to Grand Theft Auto 3, a game that saw its release on iOS and Android in late 2011, the original Max Panye will be headed our way soon. An official release date is soon to follow. In addition to news on the mobile front Rockstar confirmed a plan to release DLC as a follow up. The exact size and shape of that DLC is yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned for more details. Max Payne 3’s current release date is listed as May 13 2012.


Read the entire Q&A here

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