Magrunner – Dark Pulse: Where Portal meets Cthulhu

Written by Raven Poplar

3AM Games (an offshoot of Frogware, best known for their Sherlock Holmes adventure games) and Gamesplanet Lab (a new crowdfunding and digital distribution platform) have teamed up to bring us a Magrunner – Dark Pulse. My first peek at the videos and screenshots reminds me of both Portal (Valve cult hit gone viral) and Running  Man (an 80’s Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.) The game starts off with the protagonist, named Yoshi, and his robotic dog Newton in the near future. They live in what 3AM are calling a cyberpunk society that holds something called the Gruckuzber Magrunner Challenge, which has people running through an obstacle/puzzle course with a gun that magnetizes objects to different polarities. This very Portal-esque competition starts out as a “friendly” (read: mutually profitable) corprorate competition, but quickly goes awry as beings from another dimension begin tearing through the fabric of space and time.

This is where the Cthulhu Mythos enters the mix. I don’t know a whole lot right now about what that entails, but if you believe the concept art, Cthulhu himself will make an appearance! Check out the screens and videos below for more info on the coolness of this game and how to help get it finished.

Click here for the Gamesplanet Lab project page. Donate and have your say in the production of the game!

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