lil’ Creeper Kid and Raven Play: Oblivion – Episode 3, THE ABILITY TO SMASHY SMASHY SMASH SMASH IS GOOD

Written by Raven Poplar

The kid and I continue to fend off goblins and assassins in this episode of our Oblivion playthrough.

If you liked Skyrim but haven’t played through Oblivion yet, you’re really missing out!

About the author

Raven Poplar

Early Childhood Educator and video game journalist. First console game: California Games for Atari 2600. First PC game: Commander Keen on my IBM 286. I suppose I'm old!


  • Oblivion! I remember that game. I customized a rogue-mage, which I quickly discovered meant that I wasn’t strong enough to fight well, and didn’t have enough mana to cast well either. So, my strategy became hiding in the dark, casting Chameleon, and shooting my enemies in the back with an arrow. I played through the whole game doing that, and eventually crafted the ultimate item: a suit of enchanted armour that gave you giant magical stealth bonuses, so you could just keep shooting them in the back. And if things went bad, I’d run away, and hide around a corner. Or summon a sacrificial monster to distract them.

    Truly, the stuff heroes are made of.

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