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Review: Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall – Greatness Unsheathed

Written by Austin Griffith

Your target is a wealthy aristocrat and owner of a lucrative whaling business. He’s
not a problem to you, just an end to a means in finding out who the mysterious
Delilah is. The outsider told you to find her after you murdered Empress Jessamine
Caldwin. While this man knows nothing about the women you seek, he did purchase
a ship by the name of Delilah quite a while ago. He knows something, and it’s up to
you to find out what. You drop down from your hiding, a Butcher with a buzzsaw
runs at you. You slide behind him and slice his throat from behind, dropping an Arc
Mine, the electrical mines new to the DLC, on his corpse. As his friend runs over
he is turned to dust and the scene settles…


The Knife of Dunwall, Dishonored’s new DLC, brings many intense situations like
these. You play as Daud, the murderer of the Empress from the beginning of the game,
in a story line that follows alongside Corvo’s. Daud is the leader of the elite group of assassins
known as The Whalers.

In the 5 hour, three-mission campaign, you’ll trek across new environments using
all new powers and weapons completely unique to Daud. Blink, for example, now
stops time when completely still, allowing you to take more time to plan your
assassinations. The crossbow is now an Assassin’s Creed-esque wristbow, and the
arc mine, as described above, is deadly and destructive.


The Knife of Dunwall succeeds in being some of the greatest campaign missions
yet, partially because of the inclusion of Daud’s voice; he will actually speak and
think, unlike the ever silent Corvo. The missions are all long enough to feel
like decent chunks of story without drowning you in content, and they add enough
variety to make you not mind playing through them two or three times while still
coming back for that elusive no-kill no-alert playthrough.

The biggest downfall of the DLC is its length. The DLC  comes to an
end right as it starts to get to its best parts. Rumor has it that this DLC was originally
part of a bigger expansion with twice the missions, which makes sense, as we’re
getting the next story-based DLC later in this year.


Dishonored’s “The Knife of Dunwall” is a solid and worthwhile piece of
downloadable content that is definitely worth purchasing. If you like Dishonored,
you’ll love this. It’s a crisp new feel for the already great game we got last year.

[checklist]The Good

  • Amazing and Gripping Story
  • Great Voice Acting
  • Perfect Beginning

[/checklist][badlist] The Bad

  • Ends Right as the Story Picks Up
  • Shorter than Anticipated


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