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Kids Learn and Play: World of Goo now available for Android

Written by Quaisha T

Read why World of Goo is good for children to enjoy.

Earlier in the year, I volunteered at Computers for Youth, an organization serving families in high-poverty middle schools, providing additional help in Family Learning Workshops. Part of the educational software children and their families encounter on their refurbished computers they can take home were educational games including World of Goo.

I saw promotions of this game on WiiWare but I always passed it by thinking it was just a bunch of blubber you can move around. Apparently, it IS a bunch of blubber you can move around however, it’s in a puzzle type way. You need to move these blubber goo like they were building blocks of physics. You can make bridges out of them that take the form of a DNA structure. Use the constraints in physics theories such as if making a bridge or a latter, it’s only so much weight it can hold. There’s obstacles on each level to overcome so it gives plenty of challenge for children. I even had a somewhat hard time when explaining to the kids what to do.

World of Goo by 2D Boy is a good game for everyone to play…well maybe just middle schoolers and older. Let kids learn something for a change on your Android 2.2 or newer phone with this game for $2.99 (at a 40% discount until December 5, 2011). It’s also available as a demo and on all tablets running Android.




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