How to fix the “installed game is corrupted” error for the Xbox One Destiny Beta

Destiny Alpha
Written by Austin Griffith
Bungie’s much awaited beta for the much awaited Destiny is now live on all platforms, yet some users are experiencing a glitch that’s leaving everyone with a stale taste in their mouth.
Users who are downloading Destiny’s Xbox One beta are being told that their download is corrupted, and being instructed to delete the download and try again, causing an already slow download to stutter even more. Fear not, we have a solution.
According to Bungie, the mass amount of people trying to download the beta is throwing up false errors, so that notice telling you “The installed game is corrupted. You must delete the installed game and then reinstall it to play this game.” isn’t actually true. Just close the notice, and let your download continue in the background. Best to not even launch the game at all until that download hits 100% completion.
If you’re not already in the beta, be sure to preorder Destiny from one of the links below to get in.

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