indiePub donating proceeds from PC game Storm to hurricane relief

Written by Barry Villatoro

I’m sure everyone has heard of Hurricane Sandy and even if you were living under a rock, I’m sure Sandy has blown this rock away and you now know. With many people scrambling around trying to figure out how they can help, indiePub has already made up their mind.

When we decided to finally make Storm available, we certainly didn’t foresee it coinciding with a massive, coast crushing hurricane. Our hearts go out to all the victims of the hurricane and, as such, we’ve decided to donate proceeds from the game’s sale to aid in Hurricane relief efforts.

So from October 30th to November 11th, indiePub will be donating all proceeds of it’s newly released, Storm, to American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund.

Here you go, two birds one stone; buy Storm because it’s one hell of a beautiful puzzle-game (reviewing it now) that you’ll love and you’ll be doing your part in helping out others in dire need. You can purchase Storm right now for $14.99 on PC through it’s website.

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