Humble Bundle Heads to Android

Written by Nick Deuel


The Humble Bundle has had some not so humble beginnings. The first humble bundle started on May 4th 2010 and was an absolute runaway hit. With a unique pay what you want approach with the option to choose how your money was spent gamers flocked to the one of a kind deal. Now the bundle has become a staple of the video game industry, drawing in indie game developers of all shapes and sizes. Millions of dollars have been raised for charities and small time developers. Each bundle has grown in size with new and innovative offers. One bundle allowed you to try Minecraft free for a month. Another bundle offered more games if a purchaser spent more than the average. The bundles have been playable across the PC, Mac and Linux platforms even featuring Steam integration by the way of steam codes. Where does the Humble Bundle go from here you may ask? Why the Android platform of course! Starting today gamers can now receive three hit titles on their android phones, four if they pay more than the average. Edge, Osmos, and Anomaly: Warzone Earth are now all availbe in the Android Humble Bundle, while the previous platforms (PC, Linux, Mac) are still being supported. If gamers pay more than the average bundle price they will receive the extremely popular World of Goo for free! Head over to http://www.humblebundle.com/ today to support a good cause, now on your mobile phone!

About the author

Nick Deuel

Nick has been a gaming enthusiast ever since he received a SNES for Christmas in 1993. Eventually upgrading up to a N64 and even a GameCube, he jumped ship to a Xbox in 2004. He enjoys games of all shapes, sizes and genres. You can find him on twitter @knot2appetizing and on Xbox Live as knot2appetizn

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