Hey Tim Schafer – Where is Pokemon Snap 2? [Leaked Image]

Written by Austin Griffith

It’s been over a year now since Tim Schafer hinted at the fact that his three million dollar Kickstarter project was in fact the sequel to one of the best games of all time: Pokemon Snap 2.

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We’ve heard virtually nothing about the project… until now. A source who has asked we do not disclose his name has contacted us with insider information about the upcoming Pokemon Snap 2 including a screenshot, which is below. It’s also rumored the game will be coming to all consoles, including the Xbox 360, PS3, Next Xbox, N64, and the PlayStation 4. We’ve reached out to our source for more information on this.

Our source has told us that the games story will show the return of our lone Pokemon photographer from the first game. Now, twenty years in the future a nuclear war has hit the new region of YoHoe and our lone hero must use his camera – and his wits – if he plans on making it out alive.

The game will feature an “innovative new story telling element”, “groundbreaking cover systems”, and give us a look at Pokemon as we’ve never seen them before. If anyone can make this a reality certainly it’s Tim Schafer and the amazing team over at Double Fine.

From what we can see of the screenshot, it’s a very browned out game while still maintaining the retro look and feel of the original game. It looks like we’ll also be seeing mutated Pokemon we’ve never seen before. A combination of Fallout 3 and Pokemon Snap? Count me in.


I’ve reached out to Double Fine and Tim Schafer for comment and will update when I hear back.


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