Guacamelee Release Date and Launch Trailer

Written by Chris Lock

Guacamelee’s release looms ever nearer, casting a shadow of anticipation over my beating heart. Thankfully Drinkbox finally announced that my expectant vigil will soon be over. Guacamelee will be released April 9th in the U.S. for PS Vita and PS3.

Guacamelee is a Metroidvania style game set within a Mexican art style. You play as a luchador, or luchadora, swapping between the living and dead dimensions while beating up baddies. There is much more to the game but that is the 30 second elevator pitch. For a more detailed look into the game check out the hands on preview from last PAX Prime.

Alongside the good news of Gucamelee’s release came the launch trailer. It shows off the main features of the game including the “Morphball” of the game, chicken transmogrification. If that does not sell you, then you are a lost soul. Pray you are not inhabiting the land of the dead when this luchador comes a questing.

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