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How to Get All the Luchador Mask Pieces in Guacamelee

Written by Chris Lock

WARNING: If you have not completed Guacamelee then be wary; this article contains spoilers.

While playing through Guacamelee you may have noticed strange gates or statues. You may have also noticed that at the end of the game you received an item that seemed out of place, and you may be asking yourself “How do I collect the rest of the Luchador Mask pieces?” Well, let me tell you! Traveling through these special gates and collecting the 6 secret mask pieces is challenging but unlocks a special secret ability and “something else.” So here is how you get them-


These are the special statues you need to keep an eye open for.

Caverna del Pollo– This area is found down near the bottom of Santa Luchita, near the mine carts. It is a series of 10 combat rooms all resulting in a secret chest. You must go through 3 sets of the combat room (30 in total) to gain access to the Chac Mool portal. I would suggest unlocking every item you can before attempting the 3rd set, as it is quite challenging.


Forest de Chivo– First you need to find the shown skull switch. It is located to the right of the giant gap in a spot only accessible to the chicken. After you hit it, run out and onto the hill you were underneath. Use the Goat Fly ability and head to the left. If you have jumped properly, you will hit a floating platform and drop down almost exactly where you need to be. Drop down through the open chicken hole and head to the Chac Mool.


Sierra Morena– After you get the Goat Fly ability head back to the Sierra. Go to the spot in the map shown and simply fly to the portal. Now get ready to jump to and from disappearing platforms for a while. And I do mean a while. Just bust out your Megaman skills and make this dungeon go back with its tail between its legs.


Agave Fields– Go back to your home luchador, and find your bed. Turn into a chicken and face the right wall. Swap between worlds and you will see a small open spot. You have to change worlds at just the right time to slip through it. Next you have to wind your way through a twisty maze, similar to one you might have encountered earlier in the game. Just use the left-hand rule and you will eventually reach the Chac Mool portal.


Tree Tops– Once you have every ability, go back to the Tule Tree. Look for the special statue shown and head upwards. This will lead you to what is arguably the most difficult challenge in all of Guacamelee. I have included a picture detailing how to traverse the hardest part, but the rest is up to you. Perseverance and quick reflexes are the only way you are going to ascend this mountain, but hold fast, you are almost done.

Guacamelee-tule-tree-ttrr-tops-statue-mask guacamelee-tree-tops-walkthrough

The Great Temple– Once you have collected every other secret piece, go back and face the final boss. Try to kill him with only melee hits, no meteors, this time, to earn a trophy.


And now you should have the Luchador Mask and a new special chicken ability. Hope you enjoyed this guide. If you have any questions or thoughts, let us know in the comments.

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Chris Lock

Just a guy that loves games and wants so badly to tell you about them. I have a habit of being a terrible person. Prone to talk about the worst games imaginable. Poke-fan. LBP admirer. RPG lover. Writer. Podcaster. Father. Husband. Student. Tired. @Snickelsox on twitter.

  • DVJ

    I had gotten the five pieces of the mask, but after I had defeated Calaca, I had only gotten the left eye piece of the last piece of the mask. Was there something I was supposed to do before I defeated him?

    • Anakonda

      I have the same problem, I have double checked all the previous orb-locations but i cant seem to get the sixth piece….

    • Humberto Alvarez Caldera

      Same here! Anybody know if this is glitch?

  • Brad

    I followed the guide however im still missing the right eye even after beating calaca? Did I miss something here I triple checked

  • AVJ

    What a crappy guide

    • Chris Lock

      • AVJ


  • Soulnova

    Just a thing, for the “hardest” part in Guacamelee:

    It’s actually trivially easy. Instead of your “jumping” lines, you just take “straight” lines, so sideways-fly to each next wall.

    To do so, just press left/right+triangle and change dimensions directly after triggering the flight (you can still be on the wall and change dimensions, just need to be sure to have that split-second preparation animation for the flight.)

    To go up on the wall in the middle, just go triangle+up and triangle+left as soon as you’re on a safe height.

    Only thing that might hinder you here is an R-trigger-happy finger. :D

  • Meej

    This is slightly incorrect – you can already “fly” with at least 5 pieces of the mask (was doing so up the tower to the for the final battle).

    • You are correct but this post was released the same day as the game and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone.

  • Slyfer

    I get the orb in the tree tops section… but how can i get out of the tree tops? where’s the exit? =/

    • Defective

      You have to jump back down to where you came from. Pain in the ass, but that’s all there is to it.

  • stoydell

    How do you use the Luchador Mask? I got 100% on my first run and all the pieces of the mask before fighting Calaca, then got the piece after beating him, and then the game ends.

    • Oh, you did it all wrong. You got the alternate ending before seeing the real one.

      Also, try double jumping as a chicken.

      • stoydell

        That’s what I was starting to think was the case. Does the chicken double jump work on a new playthrough?

        • I do not think so. A new playthrough will erase you old data.

        • Defective

          Choosing to play a New Game on Hard Mode will erase your old data, so you will NOT be able to get the double jump/fly technique with the chicken until you get 5 of the 6 pieces of the Luchadore mask. Once you beat the Calaca, you’ll get the sixth and final piece for the mask and get the real ending.

      • So get all but one piece, finish game normally, then go get last piece then the alternate ending will show as well?

        • Yeah, the normal ending happens if you do not have all the pieces yet.

          • JimmyHACK

            I guess what I am asking ifs after beating Calaca, can we continue to play the game to 100% without starting a new game?

          • If you hit Continue after beating Calaca it will load you to right before you beat him.

            You can then explore the rest of the world to your heart’s content, with the chicken ability as well.

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