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Written by Kenny Rioux

Soccer, it is a bit of a big deal in parts not around here. As a soccer obsessed wing nut, I find this fact to be unacceptable and downright offensive. However,the global sporting perfection that is soccer is at least represented in one way that anyone reading this gives a damn about, video games. FIFA Soccer has been a main staple of the EA Sports line for many years, and this fall it will continue, bringing along with it changes that EA claim are “Game-Changing”. With FIFA, like most sports games, there was always a tradition of evolution over revolution. While there have been changes that have brought the games to the pinnacle of footy goodness, from game to game, it has never had any real overhauls with the exception  of the Be a Pro mode that was first introduced in FIFA ’08. In FIFA 13, it does look like the changes that will be implemented will affect almost all aspects of gameplay.

They say that possession of play is 9/10ths of the law, and it looks like a philosophy that EA are looking to apply here. To start, FIFA will have a new Attacking Intelligence mechanic will allow players and their CPU teammates to on the fly analyze and exploit space behind defenders, allowing teams to create, alter and curve their runs to maximize their attacking potential. This will result in faster, and more attacking plays being emphasized as players will be able to get in more goal scoring positions on the pitch. None of this matters without the 1st Touch and Complete Dribbling systems. In short, players will have true 360 degree motion when moving the ball up and down the pitch, with misdirection and quick thinking being required to succeed. All of the above sounds like a bit of a bummer for defensive-minded players, but fret not bus parkers, you are covered.

One of the recent improvements of FIFA 12 was the Player Impact Engine, which has been updated here to include battles with players that are off the ball. This helps defensive teams shut down runs, have opposition misplace passes ripe for interception and allow counter-attacking options. Thanks to the new tweaks to ball control that will be implemented. Passes themselves have a certain degree of uncertainty when traveling from one teammate to another, and will be influenced by defensive pressure, trajectory and velocity of the ball. You will be able to construct elaborate and deceiving free kicks using the Tactical Free Kick tool set. This will help get the drop on your opponents with dummy runs, or if you are defending, intercept by employing bullet men to run forward, or reduce players to mark those standing in positions to receive the ball.


Messi doing what he does best, being a footballing god

FIFA 13 will also feature:

  • Improved Career Mode with major changes
  • New features to enhance the massive EA SPORTS FIFA online offering, including improvements to the wildly popular Head-To-Head Seasons mode
  • Multiple new features and benefits to EA SPORTS Football Club, the best thing that FIFA has online.
  • Complete authenticity with more than 500 officially licensed clubs.

These are the changes that we know of thus far. Hopefully E3 will announce more improvements and it will be interesting to see what Playstation Move/Microsoft Kinect support the game will have. So far though, it looks like EA Sports are hitting the right notes and it will be very exciting to see the final product when it hits this fall.

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