Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage! It’s Carnage-alicious!

Written by Kenny Rioux

Croatia (located here) is a country contains many, many things. A Universal Health Care system, a soccer team by the name of Dinamo Zagreb, and now a videogame studio by the name of Gamepires! And they want you to know of their car combat game. Here is an excerpt from the press release.

Strap on your safety belt and charge your turbodrive, because the other guys on this track have murder on their minds. But that’s the name of the game in “Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage”.

That has to be the most amount of questioning in any trailer in the history of anything. But seriously, Lamborghini-style cars with machine guns on them? Sweet. Better than a damn ice cream truck driven by a homicidal clown. Anyways this game looks to be very reminiscent of a Criterion developed racing series(hint:It rhymes with Pot Hursuit) with cannons and rockets. You do have to win your races, and the best way to win is by delivering bullets at a fast rate at other drivers. I have to say the visuals on the 150 miles of racing track look quite nice, and it will be neat to play a car combat game again as I have not touched one since Twisted Metal:Black.

The game is available now for purchase trough EA Origin,  Gamefly, Impulse (Gamestop’s digital distribution service), and the 1979 console-sounding “Cenega” which appears to be a distribution outlet for central Europe. $31.99 /€ 23.99 /£ 19.99 are the pricing points for North America, Europe, and the U.K. respectively. Gas Guzzlers is only available for PC players, and no word if they plan on bringing it to consoles. Would make for a decent XBLA or PSN download.

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  • Cold Comfort

    I normally hate racing games, but this actually looks pretty awesome. Reminds me of Interstate ’76.

  • That looks pretty awesome, like Full Auto with customization.

  • I need a 100% save file for this.

    Anyone…? =/

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