Expanding Their Legacy: SWTOR Update 1.2

Written by James Pope

Bioware co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk has been saying that the epic Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic will be “full fledged ongoing service” and update 1.2 proves it. With the Legacy update old and new players alike will have plenty to benefit from both in the way of new content and in game additions.

Players who had an active account as of 4/12/12 received a Tauntaun Ram pet

Loyal players (Level 50 + Level 6 Legacy) will be excited to receive 30 days of play @ no cost, while players who have left the game are getting a 7 day free trial to return and check out the new additions made the game. Massive updates accompany the free gifts given to SWTOR players, including an update to the legacy system that gives subscribers the chance to link their players into a singular familial bond granting powerful bonuses, legacy only powers, more robust customization options and also exclusive new items available through the Galactic Trade Network. Outside of the legacy system SWTOR players are receiving much anticipated access to guild banks, deep user interface customization, a chance to unify armor colors, late game crafting and new items and races not previously included.

Bioware is also adding 3 new player experiences, 2 are new quests and the third an all new arena for PvP players to take in… allowing both Republic vs Empire matches as well as same side conflicts.

Flashpoint: Lost Island

Expanding upon the Update 1.1 mission “Rise of the Rakghouls” lost island places players in the unenviable position of trying to solve the mystery of the sudden Rakghoul virus outbreak that has ravaged Tion Hegemony. Lost island is only available to players level 50 and promises to be as epic as any mission to date.

Operation: Explosive Conflict

In Explosive Conflict players will be given access to an all new zone located on the world of Denova, players will be tasked with taking out and shutting down mercs who are peddling a dangerous and rare element known as “Baradium” Level 50 players will have their chance to take on waves of droids, mercs and the deadly creatures all who want control of the reigon and the supply of this rare explosive mineral.

Warzone: Novare Coast

Novare coast is the newest PvP arena, is the standard Level 10 players and above will have access to the zone. Novare pits teams against one another in an effort to take over and control the mortars raining down destruction upon the area. Also featured are 3 key points in the map for teams to struggle for control of… controlling these key points will not only damage the shields to the enemy base but also if a team can control more then 1 zone then they can have up to 2 turrets firing upon the enemy base.

Bioware has continued to keep their word and provide amazing content updates for this young but promising MMO and as long as updates like 1.2: Legacy are coming out, there should be no problem reaching the goal of 2 million subscribers by summer 2012.


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  • I am enjoying swtor; I am a raider and pve is decent. I am also enjoying the crew skills the game has to offer. I am on a light populated server; but I seem to be doing well with making credits and downing bosses. I am looking foward to future additions to this mmo.

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