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Ratchet and Clank (PS4) Every Golden Bolt Location

Written by Timothy Wedel

Are you having trouble finding all of the golden bolts in the new Ratchet and Clank game? Look no further! Follow this simple guide and the Ultimate Explorer trophy will be yours in no time.

EDIT 04/13/2016 – Added third golden bolt locations for Aridia and Rilgar and all locations for Batalia, Quartu and Pokitaru.

Veldin (1)

The only golden bolt on Veldin is on the path just to the right of your workshop (facing outside the shop) and up a gravity wall. You will need to get the Gravity Boots from Nebula G34 before you can climb the wall.

Novalis (0)

There are no golden bolts on the planet of Novalis

Kerwan (2)

The first golden bolt on Kerwan is in the train station. Right when you enter the station from the large staircase take a sharp right and climb the boxes sitting there. Long jump across the gap and there will be a golden bolt as well as a bunch of boxes on the other side

The second and last golden bolt on Kerwan is very easy to acquire. You will get it just from playing through the story and completing the obstacle course

Aridia (3)

The first golden bolt on Aridia is right at the beginning of the planet. When you talk to Skid McMarx and he has you kill all of the sharks there is a little window you will be able to see a golden bolt behind. To get it follow the path a little further down and destroy the wall of rocks with a bomb

When you get the Hydrodisplacer, displace all of the water in the room and jump down into the smaller pool of water. Dive under and you will find the second golden bolt.

Once you have the Magnaboots and Thrusterpack go back to where you saved Skids agent. Climb up the gravity wall and use the Thrusterpack to turn the thruster bolt(?). You can now use the Swingshot to swing across to the island in the middle of the poison water

Rilgar (3)

Play through Rilgar and once you finish the part with the lazer gates and the tank at the end climb up the nearby info station. Jump across to the top of the lazer gates and make your way to the far right corner where there is still a gate left. Jump down and get the first golden bolt

The second golden bolt is on the bronze hoverboard race course

After you get the O2 Mask from Pokitaru head back into the sewers. There is a secret pathway that you previously could not get to because you’d drown

Nebula G34 (1)

When you come to the room with all of the creatures locked up in cages hit the two red buttons along the cage walls and a cage will open up on the top row. Kill a couple enemies and the golden bolt will be in there

Gaspar (4)

All four of the golden bolts on Gaspar are pretty hard to lead you to through words due to the layout of the planet. I tried to show how I got to each one as clearly as possible in the videos. THe first one was on a small ledge at the furthest corner of the map from where you start.

The second golden bolt is just behind the first part of the planet where you go through to get the Grindboots. Just jetpack back behind that area and you’ll see it.

The third golden bolt is literally right at the beginning of the planet. Once you get the jetpack just jump up on the ledge by your ship and it will be there. Or you can take the long way through the scary volcano hideout like I did.

Just watch the video. It’s pretty hard to miss. (I missed it…)

Batalia (3)

Right when you meet Cora right near your ship there is a locked door and a wall you can walljump up. There is a card pack in the locked door and the golden bolt is right up the wall.

Just watch the video :)

Right near the beginning of the planet. Go to the first bridge you need to extend right after you meet up with Cora and there is a small path the leads to the third bolt


Quartu (3)

The first golden bolt is in the room with the magnet when you are playing as Clank. Use a nanobot to make a spring and jump onto the ledge by the magnet. Use a second nanobot to create a bridge to the golden bolt and the third nanobot to create another spring. Go back to the previous room and grab a bomb to throw at the vent cover blocking the golden bolt

Once you get to the jetpack jump around the platforms on around the walls. There will be one with a lazer sealed gate and a tresspasser puzzle beside it. Unlock the puzzle and the golden bolt is on the other side.

Another platform on the direct opposite wall has a room with a button. Hit it with your wrench and it will unlock the third golden bolt.

Pokitaru (3)

While escorting Felton he will make a comment about him and his brother climbing a waterfall to look for golden bolts. If you look across the water there is a small, tall-ish island nearby. Swim to it and the golden bolt is yours.

Under the water near by the first hover boat thingy that Felton takes you on there is a small cave. Swim under and go through. There will be a path all the way to the top of the waterfall Felton mentioned before. Defeat the enemies and the second golden bolt will appear.

The third golden bolt is right near the second under the water. Watch the video for better instructions.

Deplanetiser (2)

Kalebo III (3)

This bolt is so out in the open it is impossible to miss it

You get the second bolt in the bronze hoverboard race. Race through all of the shortcut gate thingys to open the second shortcut and the golden bolt is waiting for you in there

Hit all of the switches on the grind rail to unlock the path to the final golden bolt in the game! (it’s much harder than it looks)





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  • This is good and all, but wouldn’t it have been more helpful to open the map on the videos to show the approximate locations of the gold bolts when you’re about to get to them?

      • I’m sorry, I re read my post and it came off more rude than I wanted.

        I appreciate you making the guide in the first place. So, thank you for taking the time to do it. :)

        • It’s all cool man. I’m a little bummed I didn’t think of that in the first place but I’m about to start challenge mode so I’ll probably go back and grab those map screenshots while I’m playing.

          It’s a really good idea. Thanks!

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