Gears of War 4’s First Trailer Introduces an Old Friend – What do we know?

Written by Austin Griffith

Microsoft just dropped Gears of War 4’s first trailer on us during the MTV movies awards, and it’s a great start to the marketing.

Judging from the video and website description, it looks like we’re witnessing the first moments after the attack on Marcus and JD’s village.

Let’s break it down.

  • The opening shot shows us flashes between JD running from an unknown enemy and then back to what we can assume was 20-25 years ago when JD was young. Marcus is planting a tree while JD and his mother, Anya, watch.
  • What’s odd is the village area they’re living at. This looks similar both to Maria’s home town of Mercy as well as the area that the Fenix Estate was located at. Two places it would make sense for Marcus to return to after the war ended.
  • Flashing back to Marcus, he definitely has something around his neck. Cog tags, perhaps?
  • As JD  hops over the downed tree and in to cover we get our first look at the new enemy. It doesn’t appear to be locust in origin, but what can we really know?
  • Gun fire lights up the tree confirming that JD is in fact JDF – JD Fenix.

Unfortunately not much more than a cool trailer when it comes to story. This makes sense for a game that’s only going to take place in 24 hours. Hopefully as the marketing chugs along we’ll get to see more in to this new mature Gears of War world.

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