Dungeon Fighter Live – Class Guide: Gunner

Written by Timothy Wedel

This is a guest post written by: Tim Wedel

Having spent over 300 hours in Dungeon Fighter Online, I was ecstatic when I found out that Nexon would be releasing Dungeon Fighter Live on XBLA in July. I took to Twitter to try and find a way that I could do some writing about the Xbox Live Arcade version and got a quick response from Raven asking if I would like to write a few pieces for Levelsave. Since Dungeon Fighter and Levelsave are two of my favorite things in the world, I said yes. After many hours of writing, here is part 1 of my Dungeon Fighter Live class guide; the quick-shooting Gunner.

In the beginning the Gunner is an amazing class. His guns allow you to easily take out any goblin or Tau without ever needing to get close enough to get hit. The attacking skill you start off with requires you to get extremely close if you want to do any damage but the Gunners agility allows you to successfully hit a single enemy or two and use your second skill, Backstep, to retreat a safe distance backwards. I am not sure if it is an intentional design choice, a bug or something else but there is a half a second or so delay between when you use a skill and when you are allowed to use another (commonly refered to as skill lag). Unfortunately, the skill lag makes it so that the basic combo mentioned above and many more advanced combos are hard to pull off without an enemy attacking you between skills.

As you level up you are granted access to a slew of new skills ranging from devastating kicks and punches to monsterous gatling guns. All your skills are easily changed through your character menu at any time and upgradable whenever you are in town. Depending on what monsters are occupying the dungeon you are challenged with, you will want a certain set of skills. If you are face to face with the swift Laguru you will want to have plenty of ranged skills such as Flamethrower and Gatling Gun so that you can destroy them before they get close enough to kill you. If you are being challenged by slow Forest Zombies you will want to have more powerful melee skills like Punisher and Mach kick so that you can reap the rewards of getting through the dungeon faster. If you are entering a new dungeon it is always a good idea to keep a decent amount of melee and ranged skills equipped.

As I progressed in the game I found that I didn’t have the ability to time my combos properly because of the skill lag. If you can’t time your skills properly one after another then you are left with an open spot where enemies can quickly get a hit on you. My solution was to only use ranged skills so that I was always far enough away that the enemies could never hit me. If you have the same problem as me I recommend keeping the skills M-137 Gatling Gun, RX-78 Land Runner and BBQ around as you can easily chain these skills and your regular attack one after another and do a decent amount of damage.

Overall, the Gunner is a pretty decent class. If you have the ability to time your attacks properly you can do some massive amounts of damage. If your timing is off like mine and doing combos is tough for you, the benefit of using less HP potions and having a far less chance of getting stuck in a horde of monsters is great enough to stick to ranged skills and not have to worry about timing your melee skills. The amazing speed of his Auto Guns is a great perk too!

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