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Battlefield 1 gets new in-depth trailer – E3 2016

Written by Austin Griffith

EA and Dice took to the stage today with a new Battlefield 1 trailer. Filmed entirely with in engine footage, the graphics look spectacular.

Battlefield 1’s destruction is more intuitive than ever, and the title will feature dynamic weather that can change every game. Fog, rain, and sunny days will influence how you’ll play every game.

The behemoth vehicles will include airships, armored trains, and battleships will allow you to dominate every type of terrain.

EA promises that no match of Battlefield 1 will ever be the same.

Some of the most notable things we saw in Battlefield 1:

  • Tanks
  • Biplanes with manned gunners
  • Giant rural, farmland maps
  • Bayonet takedowns from the front
  • Artillery
  • Tank hijacking with animations

EA is currently hosting a celebrity livestream of Battlefield 1′ s multiplayer, you can check that out on their Twitch page.

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