Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry out on PS3 and PS4

Written by Barry Villatoro

Originally released as add-on DLC to Black Flag, Freedom Cry is now a digital stand-alone title available today for PS3 and PS4. You’ll play as Adéwalé a former slave now supporting a slave revolt in Port au Prince, Haiti. Here’s more on Freedom Cry from The Playstation Blog,

Brutal Assassin: Beyond an exceptional sailor and pirate, Adéwalé is a melee master, wielding devastating weapons such as his signature machete and deadly blunderbuss.

Unique Environment: Port au Prince, Haiti serves as the verdant backdrop as you rebuild the Maroon slave resistance in an attempt to overthrow the deeply-entrenched slave trade.

Peril on The High Seas: Command the Experto Crede, Adéwalé’s cherished brig, and improve it as you play through upgrades and collectibles!

Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry is available on PSN for $14.99

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  • I wish there were more titles like this. I would love to get small titles like this that still hit the itch of the bigger version of the game.

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