App of the Week: Rat on a Snowboard

Written by Karley Campbell

SXX meets Rats? Ok, not quite. But this helmet clad rodent is the reason why ‘Rat on A Snowboard’ is our first featured app of the week; with its cutesy cartoon graphics, and easy controls you can pick up and play this game within seconds.

You have three game modes to choose from: “Speedy Slopes”, “Exploding Meatballs”, and simply, “Challenges”. All of the modes are essentially the same; the first two consist of an endless level of snowboarding and avoiding different obstacles. The last mode is a large set of separate levels to do the same that get more difficult with each separate challenge.

With one tap of the screen the wobbly-nosed rat is slowly making its way across the snowy slope. Tap again to spin and gain elevation to hop onto higher hills. Dodge sleds, icicles and other obstacles all the way to the finish line to greet your other mouse comrades.

You can bounce off rocks and tips of pines, but be sure not crash into them or fall off the course as you will be sent back to the beginning of the level. As you pass each level you are rated out of three stars and awarded points for collecting flags, stars and donuts; all while dodging the “exploding meatballs” spread throughout each course. The game even notifies when your Game Center friends have beaten your score or vise-versa.

All in all, I was impressed with this game as a whole. I am a one tough connoisseur when it comes to free games. Rat on a Snowboard was equally fun as it is cute, and I found it easy to control yet hard to put down. It’s here to stay on my iPhone and if you enjoy games like Tiny Wings or Angry Birds this will be right up your alley! I’d gladly pay a dollar for this game but the fact it’s free makes it even better.

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20 years old, lancer wielding, zombie enthusiast.

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  • I finally got around to trying this last night and it was ridiculously fun. I used up all my battery power trying to beat my friends scores on the leaderboards and I didn’t even come close to some of them. This game is definitely a keeper.

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