App of the Week: Don’t Feed the Panda

Written by Karley Campbell
[gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”Don’t Feed the Panda” developers=”ANIMACTIVIA” publishers=”ANIMACTIVIA” platforms=”iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad” genres=”Platformer, Arcade” release_date=”4/19/12″]

This hungry little panda loves food! Not just bamboo.. all food! Pretzels, burgers, donuts, even popcicles! What are we going to do with him? I know! Let’s make him the app of the week.

This little panda is the object of a very fun, colorful, bouncy game called ‘Don’t Feed the Panda’. Although I am sure that is the opposite of what chubby panda here wants, the objective of the game is to try to avoid all the junk foods spread through each level, and only munch up the healthy bamboo laying around for him.

You do this by leaping on each platform controlled by tilting your phone side to side. Similar to the very popular game ‘Doodle Jump’ but a completely different ballpark. Each level is begun by naming a challenge you have to achieve to complete in order to move on to the next. For example “get to the finish line in under 300lbs”. To “super jump” you simply jolt your phone harder to either side you want the plump panda to go in and try not to fall or get too fat from snacks, if you eat too much junk you will be too fat for the platform to hold, and it will snap sending you plummeting to your death. You will know when your panda is getting too chunky because there is a weight meter and also the heavier he becomes the harder it is to jump platform to platform.

I found this app was very addicting and easy to grasp. But do not get me wrong the objectives at each level do get very challenging! It’s a good thing though because you will find yourself trying to complete them all. Best of all for being free of cost this app has nice graphics, colorful backgrounds and was an overall good time waster! You won’t be disappointed giving this a try.

Don’t Feed the Panda – iTunes

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