Angry Birds in Space Launches a New Trailer

Written by Nick Deuel

The latest Angry Birds in Space video is out of this world, literally! Take a glance as NASA runs us through some of the physics behind the popular game. If “science” isn’t your thing stick through to the end as Rovio has included some bonus game play footage. Featuring all new birds and gravity game play tricks, Rovio has stated Angry Birds in space will feature 60 playable levels. Free content updates will keep adding to the fun. Watch the video above to catch a glimpse into the International space station or to get an early look at some Angry Birds in Space game play.

About the author

Nick Deuel

Nick has been a gaming enthusiast ever since he received a SNES for Christmas in 1993. Eventually upgrading up to a N64 and even a GameCube, he jumped ship to a Xbox in 2004. He enjoys games of all shapes, sizes and genres. You can find him on twitter @knot2appetizing and on Xbox Live as knot2appetizn

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