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20 Questions with WDA Punisher, DRMB YouTube Manager

Written by LevelSave

This weeks 20 Questions will be with Paul aka WDA Punisher [PP] (Dont Revie Me Bro Youtube Manager, NoScope Gaming Glasses Sponsored) @WDA_Punisher


1)What do Youtubers do that annoys you? and gamers?

[PP] Youtubers: What irritates me is when someone tries to be something/someone they’re not. There’s a select few that have copied formats, graphics, ideas from others in an attempt to call it their own. Also, I don’t respect guys that are solely in it for the money, yet make people think otherwise. If you want to make money that’s fine. Just be up front about it.

Gamers: Players who pretend to be better than they are, yet when placed against someone good starts hackusations

2) Best shooter game is COD or BF?

[PP] Battlefield, by a mile.

3) What game is in your console right now ? or if your a PCer last game played?

[PP] Battlefield 3


4) As a video producer for video games on you tube, what do you think are the biggest advantages and disadvantage’s from social media and video games now and in the future?

[PP]Advantages: Social media provides instant access to millions of possible viewers who may find your content interesting. It gives smaller channels an opportunity to grow without the backing of gaming companies or video partners such as Machinima or Pixel Enemy.

Disadvantages: Along with instant access, it give viewers instant access to you and they have to freedom to say whatever they want, good or bad, without any filters. With that said, if you plan on getting into it, you have to realize that you’ll receive tons of criticism, both good and bad. You have to live with it, use the good and improve upon it. It’s a lot harder said than done.

5) Pick your favorite multiplayer map of all time from any video game? why is it your favorite?

[PP] The first map that I thought about was Strike at Karkand. I think that map was the best designed infantry map I’ve played. The BF2 version was the best, but both were epic. Epicenter in BF3 is a really close 2nd though. I think Epicenter was actually better in terms of design and gameplay, but Karkand was what made me fall in love with Battlefield when I first ventured into the shooters.

6) What are your thoughts on video game movies? if you could make one and pick the director and 3 cast mates which and who would you pick?

[PP] I think given the right director/screen writer they can be successful. The problem lies in appealing to a broad audience, which seems difficult. You have gamers who want the movie to capture every aspect of the game, and when it fails to do so, they rant about it. But, then you have to think about the appeal to non-gamers. You need to consider how the storyline would appeal to them also, while still keeping the movie rooted to the game it’s designed around.

7) Did you play BFHardline, what did you think of it?

[PP] Yes, I did. At first I had some frustrations, but once I adjusted to the games peculiarities, I began to like it a lot. It’s a ton of fun.

8) What is your favorite video game map to play online and why?

[PP] Currently, I start up Battlefield 3 and look for a Grand Bazaar or Epicenter Conquest map. There’s not many servers that run it. For BF4 it’s just whatever friends are playing.

9) What is your favorite old school video game map to play online? (pre COD/BF)

[PP] Original Ghost Recon MP_Embassy. Lot’s of competitive time playing that map.


10) Would you remake that map on a modern game? which one?

[PP] Oh yeah, I’d love to take that map and put it to Frostbite 3. It would make a great close quarters Battlefield map.

11) What was your first video game? and online one?

[PP] First ever video game was Combat on an Atari 2600. My first online game was Jane’s 688i Hunter/Killer. Freaking great submarine simulator. (I’m a retired submariner).

12) Rainbow 6 Three changed gaming forever for me, how did (first online video game) change you?

[PP] 688i opened up the idea of being able to experience a virtual world I never realized. It provided entertainment, friendships, and it gave you an unpredictability never experienced before. You never have no idea where the enemy is, what they plan to do, and how you were going to perform against them, unlike AI, which a three year old could predict.

13) Over the years what is the one vehicle thats your go to when its time to mob with a group online?

[PP] LAV. Big guns and you can pack it full with players.


14) What was your first and favorite Easter Egg in video games? Megladon, Phantom, Yeti, or from previous years or different game?

[PP] I would say the Phantom Bow in terms of difficulty and hype was the best I’ve seen. Megalodon was pretty epic also.

15) Mash up map, if you could merge two BF maps which two would you merge?

[PP] Hmm, Hard question. One that popped into my head was Strike at Karkand and Arica Harbor. Both were epic infantry maps.

[DanSheridan] Tricky one – Damavand Peak from Battlefield 3, I love the jump off the edge of the cliff, a great use of the parachutes. At the bottom of the cliff I would put Valparaiso from Battlefield Bad Company 2, for an epic Rush battle.

[BobbyMiller] Hainan resort and Zavod 311, they’re my two favorite vanilla maps!

[DanMitre] Oh, that’s a good one. Propaganda on top with a subterranean Operation Locker.

[P4D] Mine would be Davad Peak on top of metro match B to B.

16) If you owned your own company what would your next game be? pitch it to us in one paragraph.

[PP] I would love to re-make Ghost Recon with all its maps, using its original squad design and weapons, but use an up to date engine like Frostbite 3 and modern audio surround sound technology. I would add in game VOIP and bring back clan owned servers, mod support and battle recorder, in addition to spectator mode. In my opinion Ghost Recon was the best shooter I ever played. It was big, tactical, while staying exciting.

17) If you could pick the next thing to be a Easter Egg what would it be? (ie Bear,T Rex,Clown) How would we trigger it?

[PP] Earthquake on Dawnbreaker. Totally change the map for deployment zone to deployment zone. I’d set points on the map that would have to be detonated at the same time. The points would be randomized, but a micro levolution sign on the map would cue the players to what locations they need to use.

18) If you ship was sinking and you could only grab two things, what are they?

[PP] Survival suit, rations.

19) What is your favorite movie and thoughts on interstellar? are we alone?

[PP] Braveheart. Haven’t seen it. We are not alone.


20) Name the weirdest item within arms reach right now?

[PP] For some reason, there’s a bottle of nail polish remover beside me.

21) What are your thoughts on violence in video games? would you let your 5 year old play GTA, Hardline or a BF?

[PP] I wrote a speech on this last year. I don’t mind violence in games, but I don’t think young minds should be exposed to it. Kids have a tough time rationalizing and when they become exposed to violence or sex, it has everlasting effects. Tons of studies have been funded since 2010 and they all say that minds become insensitive to violence and sex. I don’t let my 13 year old play them.

22) In your opinion XBOX or PS?

[PP] They are both great. I’d love to own either one.

23) what was your first job ever?

[PP] I worked on a farm harvesting tobacco.

24) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

[PP] Hmm. 15 years ago I’d say St. Croix because I was an avid diver and some of the best beach diving in the world is there. Now, I love Northwest Washington State/Seattle. Just an awesome place to live. I worked there for 3 month stints and fell in love with the place.

25) what comes first transporters or warp drives ?

[PP] Well, seeing that they can actually transport small objects now. Transporters. I just heard that on a radio show. Crazy, huh?


Thanks for reading folks, till next time plug in your mic and play with someone!


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