Introducing the future of LevelSave: Games, Movies, Music, and More

Written by Austin Griffith

Many years ago, Barry Villatoro started LevelSave as a place to talk about video games with his friends. As the website grew, so did his aspirations. From talking about video games to informing you about them to reviewing them for you, LevelSave has learned to crawl, then walk, and now it is ready to run. Today, with the pretty new relaunching of LevelSave, we are proud to announce the beginning of a new era. No longer is LevelSave your one stop shop for games. No. Now, LevelSave.com is your one stop shop for breaking news and reviews on video games, music, movies, gadgets, and everything under the sun a nerd could ever love. As the days and weeks tick on, LevelSave will continue to evolve.

But why?

Good question. We all have passions. Obviously, all of us here are passionate about gaming, but what else? I myself love everything Apple. I love everything Disney. By giving myself and our writers a place to speak about what we’re most passionate about in life outside of video games, LevelSave as a family will grow bigger then ever. You’re going to see pieces of us that, until now, haven’t had a place to be expressed.

How do I get in on this?

Love games? Love movies? Love music? Love gadgets? Answer yes to at least one of those questions and want to write about it? You’re in luck. LevelSave.com is always hiring. Check out our hiring page and get in touch.

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Austin Griffith

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