Playstation All Stars: Battle Royal Preview and Trailer

Written by Chris Lock

The recently announced Playstation All Stars: Battle Royal is a very interesting title. At first glance it looks like a Super Smash Brother clone and for the most part, it is. From every piece of gameplay we have seen the characters move and fight almost exactly like a Super Smash Bros. Game, even down to the way they spin when knocked back.

While this blatant is a clone of the beloved Nintendo series it does have its differences. The main separation is the way you K.O. a character is to build the Super Meter through combat. The Super Meter can be raised up three levels with each level giving off a different super move. Obviously each super level increases in power with each level. Level one may be a quick slam while level three turns your character into a giant mech of death.

Playstation All Stars: Battle Royal will also have a Vita version. The PS3 and Vita version both interact using the Cross-Play feature. What this means is that you can play against your friends on the Vita through your Vita or vice versa. This was demonstrated at the Playstation E3 press conference in a live demonstration.

The power rangers take the stage to duke it out in Playstation All Stars

Personally I love the idea of a Super Smash Bros-esque game done by someone other than Nintendo. Sony has a huge lineup of characters that could all be exploited for this game. Already confirmed are Fat Princess, Kratos, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper, PaRappa the Rapper, and Sweet Tooth with Nathan Drake and Big Daddy recently announced as well. With all these new characters and a new pass at the famous Super Smash Bros. gameplay could revitalize the genre.

One last tidbit of information is that during the E3 press conference Jack Tretton mentioned the “To Michael” ad campaign. Some of you may remember the ad in which all kinds of video game characters gave praise to the gamer Michael. Some of you also may remember that when the first information about Playstation All Stars was leaked this ad was mentioned. With both Jack and the leaks mentioning the same ad in reference to this game once could assume that most of the characters inside the ad could be making an appearance in the game. Just a thought.

What do you think about this new game? What characters would you like to see? Is cloning Super Smash Bros. such a bad thing?

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