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SmartGlass: The Future of Xbox, Everywhere

Written by Austin Griffith

This fall Microsoft will roll out an Internet Explorer (I know, I know) app for use on the Xbox 360. Microsoft says that, while all other consoles now have there own web browsers, Microsoft has purposely kept the Xbox 360 broswer free because it doesn’t have a decent input system – until now.

With Internet Explorer for Xbox users will be able to not only use there Kinects and on-screen keyboards to enter text, but also there Phones. Microsoft is pushing it’s new SmartGlass to help with this.
Launching this fall is Microsoft’s SmartGlass: SmartGlass is Microsoft’s new way to keep you and your Xbox connected at all times. The first example of this will come with Internet Explorer, users can use there phone as a portal for Internet Explorer on the Xbox to type, zoom, and scroll easily right from your hand; similar to Apple’s AirPlay.

The great part of SmartGlass is Microsoft opening up the previously closed Xbox app – and by that I mean it will be coming to not only your Windows Phone 7, but also your iPhone and Android devices, with tablets included in that mix – that means almost anyone with a smart device can jump right in and use the SmartGlass.

Another way SmartGlass is letting you connect is by giving you live updates as you watch tv shows and movies with info on set location, “fun facts”, and other tidbits.

The biggest innovation Microsoft is making with SmartGlass, though, is it’s integration with games.

They’ve only showed how you can integrate SmartGlass into two games; Madden and Halo 4.

Madden players will be able to use there smart devices to create and choose custom plays in the upcoming Madden ’13. Halo 4 is the most innovative of this, as it showed the Waypoint app showing live information and stats from the campaign as you played it, as well as a drop in-drop out ability where you’ll see the request to play on your device, accept it from your device and the game will automatically save your data and put you into the lobby.

Either way look for Xbox’s SmartGlass to be hitting your Xbox 360 this fall along with iOS, Android, and, of course, Windows Phone 7. All for free with a gold membership.


I guess no one really thought: “What if they took out the Gl?”, or maybe I’m just being a SmartAss.

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