Checkpoint 2/13: Backwards Incompatible

Written by Timothy Wedel

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February 13, 2017

Are enhanced ports and PS Now enough when going up against near full backwards compatibility?


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Earlier this week I was browsing the Playstation Network Store and decided to finally take advantage of the 7 day free Playstation Now trial that Playstation Plus users are entitled to. Fellow LevelSave writer Jim and I had just been talking about how well Microsoft has handled backwards compatibility on Xbox One and I wanted to test Sony’s BC offerings.

At first I was surprised at how well PS Now worked. I tested out a racing game (Motorstorm Apocalypse), a sports game (Hot Shots Golf), a first person shooter (Borderlands) and even a fighting game (Mortal Kombat) and they all worked flawlessly with little to no lag at all. The more games I tested out the more excited I became to finally be able to go back and play some of the games I had missed by not owning a PS3 last generation Unfortunately that won’t be happening any time soon.

As I spent more time with PS Now more issues started to appear. I tried playing Ni No Kuni the day after I had originally tested the service and it was near unplayable. There was a ton of input lag, the screen would cut to black for 5-20 seconds at a time and sometimes the service just plain crashed. I went back and tried some of the games I had played with no issue the night before and the same thing happened with all four of them. I tried again later that night and the day after that and the issues were still the same.

My dreams of playing Ni No Kuni or any of the 50+ other PS3 games I own due to PS Store sales and PS Plus offerings were shattered and I was left hoping that Sony could somehow find a way to offer backwards compatibility without any gimmicks the way Microsoft does.

But hey, at least I can finally earn trophies in and play Ape Escape 2 on my PS4.

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