Nintendo 3DS XL Price, Release Date, and Existence Revealed

Written by Chris Lock

During the Nintendo Direct Japan broadcast tonight, Nintendo finally announced what everyone has been expecting, the Nintendo 3DS XL.  It will be released on July 28th in Japan and Europe, retailing for about 18,900 yen in Japan. That is about $235 in cold hard American dollars. However for us lucky yanks, the system will only cost $199 and will also come with a 4GB memory card.  It will be released on August 19th, the same day New Super Mario Bros. 2 is set to be released.

The screens have been increased to 4.88 inches (top) and 4.18 inches (bottom) to provide you with a 90% increase in viewing area. The battery life has also been slightly increased by an indeterminate amount. The power adapter will not be included with the system in Japan and Europe, but the system is compatible with older 3DS adapters.  Us Americans get again lucky as the US version of the Nintendo 3DS XL will come with an AC adapter.  They will be available in red or blue upon release.

One curious (see: Dumb) move is that there is no second analog stick. So now everyone has to buy the franken-stick attachment if they want to play a game like it is 2012 and not 1997. I wonder what the stick attachment for the 3DS XL will look like?

Also where the hell is my 3DS Pokemon game already?

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