NiGHTS into dreams… Coming this fall

Written by James Pope

16 years ago yesterday (7/5/12) the SEGA Saturn released what was going to become one of its most revered games, Nights into dreams…  I don’t know why the games title includes title includes an ellipses but im going to give it the respect it deserves and continue doing it myself. What I do know how ever is that Nights into dreams… was one of the better games that released for the system and now its coming this fall to XBLA, PSN, & PC digital download

Essentially an HD remix Nights into dreams… features a 16:9 aspect ratio and what the team is calling “improved HD graphics”. Full online leaderboards , trophies, achievements and even the option to play the game in “Saturn mode” letting players play with the games original graphics… if you were so inclined to do so.

The SEGA Saturn offered many unique gaming experiences, and NiGHTS into dreams… stands out as one of the most recognizable titles that found a home on the system, said Chris Olson, Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA. We’ve gotten a lot of requests about this game over the years, and are very happy to be able to give both former Saturn owners and new players a chance to play it in its most beautiful form to date this fall.


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