Wii U Hands On: Rayman Legends

Written by Adam Shear

Without a doubt, one of the most highly anticipated Wii U games has to be Rayman Legends, the sequel to one of the best platformers of this generation, Rayman Origins. The medieval theme, improved graphics and physics engine, and the all new co-op mode using the Wii U GamePad makes the game very different from its predecessor. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one level of Rayman Legends during my time at the Wii U Experience event in New York City.

The level of Rayman Legends I got to play was a very frantic and fast paced level. I played on the Wii U Pro Controller while someone beside me used the GamePad to help me out. The Wii U Pro Controller is just about the same size as an Xbox 360 controller, probably a little smaller actually. It felt very comfortable and once I figured out where all the buttons were, I had no problems with it. The level I played involved the general things one would do in a Rayman game such as jumping, punching, and running. This level was very different than any level I’ve played in Rayman Origins, just because it was rhythm based. There were lots of intimidating obstacles such as spiked walls and small platforms. The music in game helped me time my jumps for this level. Once I figured this out, I was able to conquer it. The person on the GamePad would touch certain parts of the screen to make purple lums appear which I can collected for points. The level I played did not really have too much of a co-op aspect to it so I still have yet to see the real impact the GamePad makes on the game.

Rayman Legends was one of the best looking games at the event. Everything just looked great with this new art style. The game looks a little less like a flat cartoon and has a more three dimensional look to it, allowing for more complicated special effects and even switching to a 3D view point. The music in Rayman Legends was just awesome. A nice rock track with a catchy guitar lead played throughout the level and stayed in sync with various sound effects.

While my time with Rayman Legends was relatively short, it was one of the best games I played at the Wii U Experience event. I also played a quick level of New Super Mario Bros. U, but what Rayman had going on was more original and interesting than Mario, which just felt like more of the same to me. Both of these side scrolling platformers will turn out to be awesome, but I think Rayman Legends is the one to keep a closer eye on. Rayman Legends at this time is exclusive to Wii U and will release either later this year or some time in 2013.

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