PlayStation All Stars Gets Release Date, Pre-Order Bonus, and More

Written by Adam Shear

With EVO and San Diego Comic Con coming up, Sony has promised tons of information about the highly anticipated PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale to trickle out. Today, Sony has announced that PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale will be releasing on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on October 23. Additionally, if you pre order the brawler, you will receive an alternative costume set for all of the game’s characters. You can see what these costumes look like for the characters already revealed. Now, you also see two question marks in the picture above, right? Well, those question marks represent two brand new characters that will be unveiled at the Exhibition Presentation at EVO in Las Vegas which happens today at 6pm PST. We will update you then with information on who these new characters will be. Stay tuned.

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