Honest Video Game Trailers (in stereo!)

Written by Kenny Rioux

*Movie Trailer Guy* Next spring, enjoy the event that will be like you going to a restaurant, only to pay money up front for an appetizer just so you can wait months before you get the privilege to pay up again later for the main course you wanted to get in the first place.  Feast your eyes as you get to ride the back of a truck-IN.HIGH.DEFINITION! Use the latest satellite mapping technologies to infiltrate a base so you can track down and retrieve…a cassette tape! Marvel as you get to utilize hand to hand combat and knock out a hard trained military soldier…by throwing him on the ground! And listen to a guy explain how that you can infiltrate a base using stealth, knocking out 8 men over the course of the demo, only to kill over double that amount,including the death of a chopper pilot who he intentionally signaled into a hot zone. Notice as Snake…errr Big Boss…oh whoever the hell that is sprint really fast, despite taking multiple shots to the legs, body, chest and head.
















Seriously though, that punch would probably kill me.


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