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New GTA V Gameplay Trailer Wows Us All

Written by Branden Wilson

GTA V Gameplay Trailer 10The GTA V gameplay trailer was released today and if you weren’t initially aware you found out rather quickly. It didn’t matter if you were a GTA fan or not you couldn’t help but be enthralled by the massive world that the team at Rockstar have created. We watched as we were lead through some of the new elements of the game such as, side-activities like golf, hunting, base-jumping and even stocks and real-estate. We also got to see for the first time how exactly the team intends to use the three main characters to make this the best GTA experience to date. Not only will we be able to switch between the main characters on the fly, but we will be able to craft our own strategies that make use of each of their unique talents. Providing players with this kind of variety can be just what a sandbox title needs to keep you coming back time and time again. Even the tease at the end that shows us the potential of the multiplayer element of the game was enough to make your jaw drop. We watched as planes, helicopters and even fighter jets took to the skies right in front of our bedroom window. If GTA V wasnt on your radar a week ago then after seeing the GTA V Gameplay Trailer, it certainly will be.

All the GTA V goodness can be found at the Rockstar Games site!


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Branden Wilson


    • which was one of the reasons i gave this game a shrug and a meh… untill i saw this trailer that is! Nice to be excited about a GTA title. Lookin like one of the few games that might make me think twice about trading in my current gen sys at launch. you know, this and Skyrim… and mass effect 3… and a couple others

      • Makes me wish I still had my current gen. I’ll be getting a PS4 next gen. I really want the xbox one, but you HAVE to have a 1080p camera plugged in for it to work. Sunds way suspect. I’ll pass on the home surveillance. PS4 with NO camera at all wins for my home. I value privacy more than gaming.

        • 100 percent with you on that one! Way suspect!
          -Even though thats about the last one of the many reasons that i will be staying with Sony.

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