A Gears of War Remaster is Coming for Xbox One

Written by Austin Griffith

Gears of War is a personal favorite of mine – Gears of War 2 was the first game I ever owned at launch for the Xbox 360 (with Mercenaries 2 being the only thing I owned before that.) so to say that I’m invested in the series is a bit of an understatement. My Xbox 360 is a limited edition Gears of War flavor, I own the limited edition of Gears of War 2, the Epic Edition of Gears of War 3, as well as the replica retro lancer. Overall, I think I’ve invested approximately $1,000 in to the series.

I also purchased and attempted to really enjoy Judgment. So there’s that.

Anyway, the honcho’s over at Polygon and Kotaku have taken at look at something very interesting: still from a remastered beta version of Gears of War. While Rod Ferguson, leader of the Gears franchise over at Black Tusk Studios told us earlier in the year that there is no Marcus Fenix Collection (the fan-imposed name for a Gears of War remaster collection) coming, he did say other things were in the works for E3.

It looks like this is exactly what we’ll be seeing in a few months time. With the ten year anniversary of Gears of War right around the corner, a Gears of War remaster would be a great way to introduce the series to the mounds of new gamers who never owned a 360, or push those diehard Gearheads over to purchase an Xbox One.

Gamers who are currently in the Gears of War beta have reported watching a remastered version of the Gears of War introduction video, and have been playing multiplayer in a variety of modes including “Team Deathmatch; King of the Hill; 1 Life 1V1 Shotgun TDM; 1v1 Sudden Death Gnashers Only; 4v4 TDM Single Round; and 4v4 KOTH Single Round.” according to Kotaku’s sources. Kotaku has also independently confirmed that the Gears of War remaster is running at 60 FPS.

It’s sure to be an interesting next couple of months as more information – and the inevitable reveal – trickle out. Although with a beta this early in the year, we’re almost certainly going to be seeing a Gears of War remaster coming this holiday season, or spring of 2016, at the latest.

Sources: Polygon, Kotaku

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