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Gears of War 4 announced, coming holiday 2016 [Video, Gallery]

Written by Austin Griffith

Our new protagonist is a young blonde man named JD. Searching through a Seran wasteland with unique lighting and beautiful graphics, our characters are looking for something. A locust of some sort? Maybe a wretch? It’s unclear as to where exactly this takes place in the timeline, although judging by the title, it’s happening after Gears 3.

The gibs are strong and the gore is extreme, as you’d expect. The enemy is something we’ve never seen before, and it definitely isn’t locust. Hopefully Coalition (the studio behind Gears of War, formerly Black Tusk) will be a bit more talkative about Gears of War 4. What we do know is that this story is going to follow JD and his female friend, Lancers are back, and this game is beautiful.


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