Xbox’s September 1st Games with Gold to be Magic: The Gathering 2013, According to Xbox Australia [Update: Yep]

Written by Austin Griffith

Update: Microsoft has confirmed that Septembers Games with Gold will be Magic: The Gathering 2013 as well as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas.

Spotted by Reddit user TheGesio, the Xbox Australia account page showed an odd image for a few hours earlier today. From the image, it looks like Magic: The Gathering 2013 will be September 1st’s Games with Gold.

Magic: The Gathering 2013 is an Xbox Live Arcade game, currently retailing for 9.95.

GameswithgoldThe screenshot seen in the Games with Gold block can also be seen under the images tab on the Magic 2013 Xbox Page, confirming our suspicions.


If you’d like, you can begin the download of the trial so you’ll be able to jump right in to Magic 2013 when the deal goes live.

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  • Wait, Rainbow Six Vegas? Like, the first one? That came out in 2006?

    Is this what they mean when they say they’re over delivering with value?

  • Just what I wanted…. Not even gonna bother to download these, Magic, meh, and Rainbow 6 I already have a physical copy of.

  • just like to point out that some games were supposed to be region specific. there are a lot of games that couldnt be given away on australia xbox live due to them being banned . the uk and us may get a different game.

  • best deal at the moment. BULLY .. its £2.99 . you cant buy it second hand for ledd than a tenner and CEX wants £30 for one

  • Boo i already have it and it was a glitchy mess hady progress deleted 3 times because of the dlcs and updates. Buy the dlcs before any storyline progress or notat all

    • Someone named Gonzalez getting free stuff and then complaining it’s not enough………. Way to combat those negative stereotypes

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