360 Owners: Get Your Baseketball On For $70 Courtesy of 2K Sports

Written by Nick Deuel

That’s right folks for 69.99 you can grab the upcoming bundle for MLB 2K12 with NBA 2K12 thrown in. This bundle is exclusive for the Xbox 360. Gamers will still be able to pick up a stand alone copy of MLB for the regular asking price of 59.99 without worry of a difference between the packages. Featuring reigning CY Young  AND MVP (that hasn’t happened since 1986) Justin Verlander the game will hit store shelves March 6 2012.

This years version of the $1 Million Perfect Game Challenge will be a little bit different than before. Starting the first day of the regular season gamers will compete for eight spots through a ranked leaderboard system. The finalists will be determined by a “dynamic leaderboard” that ranks the top perfect games thrown. For the first time gamers do not need to provide video evidence of their perfect games, instead they will receive a unique code to be entered on 2K Sports website. Full details regarding the contest will be released on 2K Sports’ Facebook page.


Source:MLB 2K12’s Facebook Page

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