Wii U Deluxe Set Pre Orders Almost Gone in US GameStops

Written by Adam Shear

It turns out that demand for Nintendo’s new console is beating expectations.  Even though the Wii U Deluxe Set is priced at an expensive $349, GameStop seems to be getting a lot of customers pre ordering it.  I personally went to GameStop to pre order one and found out that I came right on time.  GameStop has set aside a specific number of Wii U Deluxe Sets for all stores in the US.  Once that number fills up, GameStop will stop taking reserves.  Apparently, I got one of the last ones available in the country.  At first, I thought that it might be due to a low supply of consoles, but I was disproved.  According to the cashier at my local GameStop, customers should have no problem walking into a store on launch day to pick up the Wii U Basic Set without a pre order, which comes with just the basics for $50 cheaper.

So it seems that rather than being low supply, there’s a pretty strong demand, at least for the Deluxe Set.  There could still be a small supply though because they are selling out pretty fast.  If you are planning on pre ordering a Wii U at GameStop, be sure to do so immediately.  Otherwise, try other retailers or betting your luck on November 18.

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