Watch the Xbox One Being Unboxed for the First Time (+ Headset Confirmed!)

Written by Austin Griffith

Major Nelson released a video recently unboxing one of only 25 completed Xbox One’s from beginning to end. In it are a few surprises, including a headset (!), a 6.5 foot HDMI cable (rated for 1080 and 4K video), a sticker (!!), and the Kinect and Console.

Everything in the box is a sleek liquid black, with the headset featuring a sleek touch of green to compliment it.

Go ahead and watch Major Nelson unbox it below, then head down and check out some pictures of that sexy headset.

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… While Microsoft originally told us that the Xbox One would not come with a chat headset, after this unboxing video we were told that they’ve pulled another one-eighty and added in a chat headset to all editions of the Xbox One.

You can check out pictures of it below.



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