Watch Dogs is Coming to the PS4, Too

Written by Austin Griffith

Watch Dogs, the awesome hacker game that leaked 600 emails earlier in the year when someone from the game “died”, is confirmed to be coming to the PS4. It looks like the game will put a lot of faith into the mobile aspects of the PS4.

Live Demo time.

This game looks sick. Everything is going all black and white outlines showing data points that you can tap in to. Aden Piece is casually strolling along Chicago wearing his over coat, as people walk by they have a notification over there head allowing you to tap into there phones. You can look into there lives, see who they are. Aden looks at a homeless Iraq war vet, then to a rich business man, hacks into the mans bank account, then takes 1.5k out of his bank account.

Aden pulled up a mask and is watching an abusive boyfriend robbing a girl, then confronted him and is now chasing him down. You can hear the lady calling the police through your phone. The game has slow motion and awesome parkour similar to Assassin’s Creeds ( no surprise). and it looks like the entire world is at your dispose. Stop lights, traffic barriers, cell phones, trains, absolutely everything. If there was any game worth  watching this conference for, it’s this.

It is worth noting that Aden only shot his gun once, to blow out a tire.

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  • Cecc

    I can’t wait for this game to come out, it looks to amazing for words. I just want more details. Like is this based on one guy or a team of people. If I remember correctly in the first game play trailer after the guy completes the mission hes wanted and others are called in to help him escape.

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