Titanfall Alpha Signups Live, Respawn Clarifies on “Coming Days and Weeks”

Written by Austin Griffith

Signups for the Titanfall Alpha have gone live, originating in an email coming from Titanfall’s publisher, EA, stating that they were looking for a small number of candidates to participate in a closed trial.

While mainly speculation, it appears the only players eligible to recieve an invite were those who had played a copy of Battlefield 4 on Xbox One and had premium. When signing up myself, I was told I was approved and allowed to sign the NDA. My girlfriend, on the other hand, not owning Battlefield 4 or an Xbox One, was not approved. After reaching out to Respawn entertainment, we’ve been given some clarification.

Those who login with origin and are told “You’re qualified” have “a good chance you’ll get a code but it’s not a guarantee.” She also clarified that the difference between the “Days” and “Weeks” section of the acceptance webpage people were seeing was a error on their part, and that users curious as to whether or not they’ve been accepted will “know by tomorrow.”

Just remember, if you’re accepted you are legally bound to the non-disclosure agreement. That means you cannot speak a single word of what you see behind that code. Don’t tweet it. Don’t tell your friends. Don’t tell your mom. Don’t tell anybody, or you’ll probably just get sued.

So, did you get the email? What did it say? Did you sign up?

Give us all the details in the comments below.

Titanfall releases March 11th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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