THQ Games Delisted from XBLA – Nexuiz is Here to Stay

Written by Austin Griffith

It’s been a sad couple of weeks for THQ lately. After going bankrupt, selling most of their properties, and getting beat up worse then their last WWE game, THQ’s games are now starting to disappear from the Xbox Live Arcade listings.

Five of THQ’s published arcade games have been taken down thus far; Apples to Apples, Screwjumper!, SpongeBob UnderPants, Voltron, and WWE Wrestlefest have all seen the same sad fate as the publisher. While XBLA still has Costume Quest, Elements of Destruction, Nexuiz, Red Faction: Battlegrounds, Rocket Riot, Stacking, and Warhammer 40K: Kill Team available, nobody knows how long any of those games will be alive for.

While I haven’t had the chance to play many of the games that are still up for sale, I did have the chance to review Nexuiz early on in 2012, awarding it a 9.5. Of course, when THQ’s games began to fall, Nexuiz was one of the games I was most worried about.

Thankfully, Illfonic’s Kedhrin Gonzales has all the answers a guy needs.

While it’s “kinda in the dark” according to Kedhrin, he did state that they had a license with THQ for two and a half more years, after which “it is all in our court”. This news fares well for the many fans of Nexuiz who are, like me, unable to play it on the PC and have to get their occasional twitch-shooter fill via the Xbox.

Just remember, guys, it’s pronounced “Nexus”, and it isn’t going anywhere.

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