The Toughest Bosses In Terraria

Written by James Pope

Terraria is a game that offers so much content to its players. Within the magical world you have a multitude of enemy types, tons of items and weapons. At the center of all of it are the insane bosses. Some might say that the bosses themselves are just a means to an end. To a certain point this might be true. The drops that come from these bosses do provide the necessary loot to craft the higher level items and weapons. In my mind it is the over-the-top bosses that make Terraria the incredibly enthralling world that it is.

It was that very point that made me start wanting to rank the bosses and give them the respect I feel they rightly deserve. While compiling my list there were many factors that came into consideration. Should all the bosses be considered on the same scale? Should they be considered equal on all fronts? In my mind that isn’t a fair way to rank them, while one is playing in normal mode the gear and weapons are clearly inferior to those available in hard mode. That being said I decided to consider the bosses in the time that a player would first face them. Since I am playing the console version I am defining the bosses of Terraria as those who are represented on the leaderboard and have included the console exclusive boss Ocram.

9- Eater of Worlds- Normal Mode

EOW_ITFIn my personal opinion the Eater of Worlds is by far the easiest and weakest of all the bosses. A giant worm that is summoned underground by shattering Shadow Orbs or crafting worm food. During the battle the Eater circles the player and dives deep underground. Slashing the middle of the eaters body can cause it to split into multiple pieces but even then this giant worm poses little threat to players, even though his head does 40 damage. Between the head, body and tail the Eater of Worlds only has a total of 435 HP and can be killed relatively easily with the weapons available to players in this portion of the game. The Eater of Worlds will drop silver coins, Lesser Healing Potions, 20-60 Demonite Ore and a random amount of Shadow Scales.

8- King Slime-Normal Mode

King-Slime-ITFSlimes are the most common and abundant enemy type in the entire Terraria universe. So it comes as no surprise that they would be represented by their own boss, rightfully named King Slime. During the course of the battle with this royal slime players will have to contend with the blue slimes that fall off of his body as he takes damage. King Slime starts huge and shrinks in size as he takes damage. King Slime is not a huge threat, but players may want to build themselves a bridge to hide under so that he cannot bounce on top of them dealing 40 damage. King Slime sports 2000 HP and drops a piece of the Ninja Outfit each time he is slain.

7- Eye of Cthulhu- Normal Mode

EyeofCthulhuThe Eye of Cthulhu is the first boss in normal mode that poses a serious threat to our players life. In his first form the Eye does only 15 damage, but he does spawn help in the form of the Servants of Cthulhu. Once players get past this stage the Eye becomes even more deadly. He transforms with the eyeball turning into a gaping jaw complete with a set of razor-sharp teeth. In this second form the Eye deals 23 damage but has no defense whatsoever. It is recommended that players be prepared with healing potions and at least a set of silver armor before attempting to take on the Eye of Cthulhu. The Eye provides some pretty sweet loot too dropping between 30-87 Demonite Ore, Lesser Healing Potions & Unholy Arrows. The Demonite Ore is the best of all the loot because this is the place that players can find the most Demonite Ore.

6- Skeletron- Normal Mode

skeletronWhen you first approach the old man wandering outside of your world’s dungeon he seems to be fairly harmless, until you activate his curse and turn him into the mighty Skeletron. This massive boss is made up of a head and two lanky arms that deal out large amounts of damage, making it very tough for players to take him on with the gear that is available to them at the time. Adventurers will need most of the in-game night to take this foe down. Skeletron sports an impressive 5200 HP between the arms and head and will require either ranged attacks or swift movements to get close enough to deal any real damage. While he does not have any illustrious drops Skeletron does grant access to the worlds dungeon. Inside the dungeon players will find their Cobalt Shield and Muramasa Sword. Skeletron in the only boss in the game that can only be defeated once so enjoy him while he lasts.

5- The Destroyer- Hardmode

The_DestroyerWhile he is, in my opinion the easiest boss in Hardmode The Destroyer is no slouch. A mechanical worm that shoots lasers and sends probes out can prove to be an extremely formidable foe. His movement patterns are almost identical to that of the Eater of Worlds except that The Destroyer will not break off into multiple segments when attacked. It is not recommended that players take this boss on from inside their house. Doing so will result in an almost guaranteed slaying of all NPC’s in the area. The Destroyer has an impressive 80,000  HP. This can be a bit deceiving however based on how easily this boss can be attacked. As the giant worm flows through the screen players are given a chance to strike him many times before he heads for cover in the ground plotting his next attack. The Destroyer will drop 5-15 Greater Healing Potions as well as 15-30 Souls of Might which are used in crafting the mighty Excalibur.

4- Ocram- Hardmode


There are those who say that Ocram might not deserve to be ranked this high, but I must respectfully disagree. Ocram is a devastating boss with deadly attacks and a rapid movement cycle that will keep players on their toes. This “final boss” is an extremely welcomed addition to the console version of the game. He sports a respectable 35,000 HP and has hundreds of servants that he can and will summon throughout a single battle. His first form has him using said servants and his spinning melee attack in conjunction with his lasers to deal massive amounts of damage to those brave enough to summon him. Players will need to aim for an off-balance hit box which is slightly off the middle of his body. While this can be mildly annoying, it serves to make this boss that much more deadly. Once players are able to get his past the first form they will be in for a battle that can rival any in the game. In his second form Ocram will reveal his hidden eye in the middle of his head which he will use to rain down laser beams upon unsuspecting foes. Along with this attack Ocram will summon his servants at an alarmingly increased rate and pair those with a Demon Scythe spell that can take up the players entire jump/flight radius. Putting all of this together makes for an insane boss that only console players have the pleasure of fighting. Players would be wise to stack up on Healing Potions before deciding to summon this beast. Ocram drops some very impressive gear upon his defeat. Ocram will drop 5-15 Greater Healing Potions, 10-30 Adamantite Ore and 5-9 Souls of Blight, which can be used to craft the highest level console exclusive weapons. Ocram will also drop one piece of the Dragon, Titan or Spectral Armor 33% of the time.

3- The Twins- Hardmode



This slot became a subject of hot debate among my Terraria playing peers. The Twins could have landed in the number one slot as easily as the ended up here in third. Two mechanical eyes tethered together by a piece of disgusting flesh, these Twins are as deadly as anyone in the game. Named Spazmatism and Retinazer. Both can deal out heavy amounts of damage in their terrifying second forms (pictured). There is a strategy for fighting these menacing eyes however. Players will want to focus on Spazmatism first since he is the more deadly of the two and is closer to the ground and to the player. Spaz sports a massive melee attack, 24,000/12,000 HP and spits cursed flames at his enemies. After the first twin is down it is time to turn all attention to Retinazer and his giant laser. If you followed the previously mentioned strategy then this battle should not be very difficult since his attacks are either ranged with the laser or his melee. The Twins provide drops of 5-15 Greater Healing Potions and 20-30 Souls of Sight which can be used to create high level items like the Rainbow Rod and Magical Harp.

2- Wall of Flesh- Normal Mode

WoF-TerrariaThis ranking is sure to raise more than a few eyebrows so I will explain the reasoning behind this choice. The Wall of Flesh is the last boss in the normal mode of the game and his defeat it required to launch the game into its devastating Hardmode. The WoF can only be battled in the treacherous underworld which is littered with lava pits and unrelenting enemies. Once summoned the wall begins a steady march from one end of the map to another (depending on where he’s summoned). If players die and do not have a spawn point in hell they will be forced to make their way back down either via tunnels they’ve dug or by having a Hellevator ready to go. Making a bridge that spans the length of the underworld is highly recommended since it can help to take some of the falling danger out of the equation. Once you get to the battle itself things can get a bit difficult when using the mundane normal mode weapons available. The WoF starts with The Hungry, which are little flying enemies that are attached to the wall itself and will detach when damaged. The only way to deal damage to the Wall is to attack the two eyes and mouth that protrude from this fleshy beast. The Wall sports 8,000 HP, which is a lot using the weapons available to a player at the time and due to the mitigating circumstances in which the boss is fought makes it very difficult to complete consistent offensive attacks against him. Using the Demon Scythe spell and Dark Lance was the best strategy that I could find for defeating the wall. The Demon Scythe allows you to attack from a decent distance while waiting for an opening to unload upon him with the rapid attacks that the Lance provides. Upon defeating the WoF players will see a litany of both guaranteed and rare drops. The Pwnhammer and 15-20 Healing Potions are whats promised to the player each time. The Wall is also guaranteed to drop one of the following items each time, The Breaker Blade, Clockwork Assault Rifle, Laser Rifle, Ranger Emblem, Sorcerer Emblem or the Warrior Emblem. Defeating the Wall of Flesh is the one and only way to activate Hardmode, proceed with caution.

1- Skeletron Prime- Hardmode

Skeletron_Prime_headIt probably comes as no surprise that Skeletron Prime has taken the top spot. Prime is a devastating enemy with twice the arms of his skeletal predecessor. He has four arms, all of which have a separate weapon attached to them. The weapons attached to his arms include a laser with 6,000 HP and an attack of 25, a cannon with 7,000 HP and an attack of 40, a vice with 10,000 HP and an attack of 45 and last but not least is the saw featuring 10,000 HP and an attack of 50. Combine all of that with the 30,000 HP and 50 and 100 point attacks that the head brings and you are looking at the boss who has long been considered the toughest among those available in the PC version. Taking out all of his arms can prove to waste valuable time, players might be better off using raged weapons and going directly after this bosses head. Once the head is defeated the arms will automatically follow suit. The key factor in placing Skeletron Prime in the number one slot is that he is nearly impossible to solo using weapons alone. Unlike other bosses Prime will flee if the player dies during the battle. Skeletron Prime provides drops of 5-15 Greater Healing Potions and 20-30 Souls of Fright which players can use to craft Neptune’s Shell and the Flamethrower.

I hope everyone has enjoyed seeing this ranking. I welcome any and all debate to the slots in which the bosses were placed and can’t wait to see who you think are the toughest bosses in Terraria!

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  • Will

    How about the dongeon guardian? It is the toughest boss that is almost impossible to defeat. It kills the player instantly and drops a bone key. I think it should be ranked number one.

  • rodrigo arias

    plantera was the hardest for me to ill ~3~

  • person

    I would think the dungeon gaurdian should be numero uno

    • Biostroke the Epidemic

      dungeon guardian doesn’t count as a boss

  • Hts2001

    DF is by far the best. Skeleton Prime is easy to solo with the megashark. The twins as well. Why not include Brain of Chtulhu?

    • CurlyWurly

      This list is from late april in 2013. It’s over one and a half years old and is from the patch 1.1 era when hardmode had just been added.
      Neither crimson nor Brain of Cthulhu existed or any of the bosses that make up the current hardmode end-game.
      Please for make a habit of checking the date of articles before commenting in the future :)

  • Enderking1230

    Why don’t you add duke fishron, golem, plantera, turkor the ungratefull, and lepus, to make it more conplete, and to make it a “15” toughest bosses terraria ” !

  • Enderking1230

    Ocram is no more in the console only. He’s now in mobile as well, so YAAAAAAY !!!!!!!!! Sadly, those terraria mobile experts who had just bought the pc version will probably get at least a bit unsatisfied…. Like me….

    • Enderlord

      I guess the special prize for the console and mobile players could make the pc players a bit unsatisfied. But, I still like the pc version more because it supports more stuff, since the pc version is said to be the main version.

  • SwordplaysPvZ

    nah twins are hardest

  • Sima

    im sorta a noob but ummm slime never faced eater of worlds never faced eye yes

    6 times skelatron 1 and wall wow ow owow 1

  • weqeqwe

    This is fukcing stupid Ocram isn’t a pc based boss and wall of flesh is a push over compared to duke fishron…

  • i dont know

    guys destroyer have 80,000 hp and if you touched his head you get crushed so it must be no.1 i know that prime is so hard espically at morning

    • Enderking1230

      try using activating the mechanichal skull and wuickly jumping into a hellevator, if you play in mobile. That’s what I experienced and found in the official terraria wiki.

  • Marada1740

    I just read your reply and have to agree.. I’m a bit behind on playing some of the more mainstream blockbuster releases this year, however, i dont live in a cave either… and from what I’ve seen to what I’ve played, Terraria has been the most surprising and entertaining game of the year. Without your review and opinions of this sleeper hit, I would have glossed right over it and dismissed it as an older gen graphics kiddy game.. i would have never known how amazing this buddy coop 2d platform rpg truly is!! The year is not over yet, but as of now, I second the candidacy for GOTY!

  • Marada1740

    What a great feature! I feel that your ranking is solid. I do think the co-op factor, as we have previously debated, does affect the overall standings. Although I defer to your first paragraph and the question of how you would determine your criteria. What makes this game so amazing for for me, is playing with one, if not more, of my friends. And this will entirely change the difficulty of most bosses. I love how you mention the debate on the twins. With a friend they are still one of the most difficult boss fights.. Whereas Skelly Prime with a friend, which will now prevent him from leaving if you die, is not as tough.. Solo, he is a rotten sob, and deserves the top spot.. Co-op I still feel like the WoF is the hardest battle, based on location and items avail. By far he holds the most attempts and failures of all the bosses amongst my terraria peers. I do think another big factor in what makes the bosses difficult is harvesting the items/souls necessary to summon the bosses. This is no simple task. You really have to put in work to fight Ocram. Enough souls to summon two sets of twins and one Skelly prime, not to mention the adamantite, copper, iron, and other ingredients… He is in his proper place at four on difficulty, but summoning him, by far the hardest to accomplish. And the fact the he holds the souls needed for the three best weapons and the final three sets of armor, yet only drops 5-9 souls at a time, means you will have to fight him more than any other boss

    • Having played against all of these bosses so many times I cannot stress how right you are when it comes to summoning Ocram. Harvesting all the souls, lenses and ore that is required just to fight him once can seem like such a daunting task. It is so incredible that these bosses present so many variables, not only in difficulty, but also in tactics. I cant get enough of this game and think that it is a strong candidate for my own personal Game of the Year award.

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