The First Rule of Driveclub: Talk About Driveclub

Written by Austin Griffith

Driveclub is a new driving game for the PlayStation 4 where you race the nicest cars on the nicest raceways from your phones, consoles, and everywhere inbetween. The first rule about Fight Club is racing with friends. Driveclub is recreating the fastest cars in the world with the most accurate measurements in existant. The real world details are “virtually insane” to the point of actually including each strand in the carbon fiber and the suede and carpet having fiber directions just like the real things.

The game is a first person drive simulator that aims to give you the real feel of firing up a 1200 horsepower engine on the most ecpensive car on the road. Driveclub is the first glimpse of team based racing brought to life. Check out the full video below.

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