Guerilla Games Debuts Killzone: Shadowfall for the PlayStation 4

Written by Austin Griffith

Showing off a live demo of the game now, Killzone: Shadowfall looks simply beautiful on the PlayStation 4, The games colors are popping beautifully. I just saw a man shoot a young woman who was screaming in pain and then another soldier. This looks insane. This looks amazing. The blues are popping exceptionally well in this game. It’s all very neon future looking. They just shot some sort of charged sniper shot then converted the gun back into a regular LMG. Sick! He just did a Dishonored-style drop assassination, very awesome! It all seems very fluid and responsive, being that it’s a live demo (it is, right?).

I know absolutely nothing about Killzone or I’d tell you who or what was doing what, but someone just hijacked a helicopter and then got captured by three reed flying enemies.

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