The Cabrera Brothers Bring You The Free Indie Bundle

Written by Barry Villatoro

The Humble Bundle, we all know it. The bundle of indie games in which you pay almost nothing for. Well apparently that idea has cooked something up in the minds of the Cabrera Brothers, Thefreebundle.com. The Cabrera Brothers are bundling together great indie games, for free. You can’t even donate to the site if you wish. They literally don’t want your stupid money, crazy I know. The idea is to get great indie games that you may never heard of, into the hands of gamers.  If you happen to really enjoy a particular game in the bundle, there’s a chance that the developer takes donations on their website and I’m sure they’ll be happy to take your money.

New bundles will continue to come. If there’s an indie game that you love and think needs exposure, you may email the Cabrera Brothers and let them know. The current bundle of five games will only be available for little over a day from now. So go download them while you still can! You can also check out Cypher, the Cabrera Brothers newest game here.

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