How To To Get The Cave’s “Good” Ending

Written by Austin Griffith

You’ve read my review of Double Fine and Ron Gilberts amazing adventure game The Cave, you ran to your couch and booted up your console and payed your space bucks to download it and hopefully you’ve beaten it at least once, hopefully twice as suggested in the review, and now you’re probably asking yourself “How the hell is there a good ending?”

Let me explain…

*Note: I am going to spoil almost every major revelation of The Cave, if you haven’t played it and ever plan to, DO NOT READ AHEAD.

As you make it to the end of the cave, you’ll hand over your trinket and gain the item you yearn for most, then climb your way out of the cave to see the aftermath of your selfish ways. But what if you could take it all back? What if you could right your wrongs and fix every mistake you’d made?

You can.

Instead of simply walking out with your greatest desire, hand it back! Tell life to take its damn lemons back! Well, not quite, just give the attendant back your trinket and climb out of the cave, except this time you’ll actually make it! You’ll get to the top and climb right out where you began. Instead of seeing the horrible aftermath of your ways, you’ll see a portrait of your character doing the right thing and fixing what they did in the cave.

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