SuperDAE’s “Insurance Torrent” is Live, Promises Boatload of Leaked Content

SuperDAE, the super hacker behind the biggest hack in gaming history, has released his “insurance torrent”. Clocking in at 1.7 TB (yes, terabytes), it promises to hold everything from Unreal Engine source code to documents pertaining to unreleased Xbox One and PlayStation 4 information. If you have an internet subscription that has no caps and enough hard drive space capable of holding an extra 1.7 terabytes, go ahead and download it.

I’ve seen what is in these files and it’s certainly a lot more than you’d expect (or maybe not, considering it’s almost 2TB). Droves of unreleased items and leaked content galore. Certainly not something these companies would want getting out.

Go ahead and check it out on SuperDAE’s website.


I’d like to clarify some things:

I have infact seen these files. SuperDAE gave me access to them before they were released. I can confirm what is in them to some extent. While I was viewing the files, they were only file names. None of these files were accessible, only the names of them.

SuperDAE’s website is also down right now, he has been having problems with takedown notices, etc.