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Space Bears And More In StarDrive, Now Available On Steam

Written by James Pope

sc002If you are anything like me you are probably wondering what bears, owls and other creatures have to do with space. With one look at the video released for StarDrive it becomes apparent that the answer is… everything. Former divorce lawyer Daniel DiCicco quit his long-standing career to follow his dream and develop the game that he had always wanted to play. A risk that not many people would have taken, DiCicco not only succeeded but has done so in a way that not even he could have imagined. The response for StarDrive has been so incredible that it even shut down the games homepage for a short while due to the massive amount of traffic.

StarDrive is a mixture of arcade shooter and RTS. Players will control their flagship vessel like they would in a traditional arcade shooter while controlling the rest of their fleet using RTS controls. Not only will gamers be taking place in intense space battles but also will be tasked with using their diplomatic skills to make friends or enemies with the various species that roam the galactic community. You start by selecting your chosen race and customizing their various physical, socioeconomic and historical traits before branching out, colonizing and creating a military force that will bring the StarDrive universe to its knees. Lethal force is not always required as players are able to forge treaties and trade channels with the other races that inhabit the universe, allowing players to expand their technological and military assets. sc010

The core of the game comes in the ship building and space combat. We will be able to customize our vessels in any way that our minds can imagine and use them to strike fear into the hearts of those who dare oppose us. While this game is still in its beta stages it offers a deeply polished experience for all of those who are itching to take over a rich universe filled with alien technology and brutal warfare. The full Steam release will be available on 4/19/2013 and players can pre-order the game at a 17% discount and jump right into the demo!

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