Soul Sacrifice Free for Playstation Plus Members

Written by Chris Lock

Starting on November 26th, Soul Sacrifice will be free for Playstation Plus members. The game is a relatively new release and was widely accepted as an enjoyable game upon its release. It was touted as a “Monster Hunter killer” and though it did not live up to that Soul Sacrifice is still fun in its own right.

I picked up the game a few months back during a Playstation Plus discount and proceed to spend over 30 hours in it. If you are a fan of collecting things, then collecting more of those things in hopes of turning all the collected things into a more powerful thing, then Soul Sacrifice is for you. It fully dives into the loot and level grind with many enemies being pallet swaps of others. For some, like me, this is great, but Soul Sacrifice is certainly not for everyone.

One thing the game still continues to surprise on is the amount of free DLC it receives. Every few weeks there are new mission packs that may be brand new story, new items, or just a new enemy type. It has been effective at continuing the community of a rather niche game well beyond where one would normally would fall off. There always seems to be a glut of very positive, very cooperative players ready to grind out even the smallest challenges.

Soul Sacrifice is definitely worth a try and one of the more unique games on the Vita.

Oh, and Dragons Dogma will no longer be free, so add that to your download list if you have not already.

Source – [PS Blog]

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